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and being successful


Good morning tumblr. Trying to get used to my new night shift job it’s not too hard to stay awake the hardest part is that I sleep all day and wake up cook chill want to sleep more and then go to work eat work chill work eat leave gym. But today I go work at my old job to help them with a banquet then leave by 830 pm to work by 9. Then hopefully I can get 2 day off from my job for these car shows back to back. Well see I hope everything gose well..


Just got off work and finished the gym, currently in the suana. Reading some posts off my ig.. and makes me want to just break down as cry because I am losing hope in all those people who I associate with on a daily basis. Seriously most of then lack the motivation the lack of ambition of life. The are comfortable with what they have and only that. I was going to confirm be happy were I was, but no I couldn’t I have too much ambition to just settle with a part time job with a decent pay. I work a full time job now I have benefits and soon I’ll have pay vacation. I still want more but I know that I must suffer a bit in order to achieve greatness. My fitness is my priority my car is there and I will always continue to watch to biuld it and show all the events I can but I think in 2015 I might want to do a power lifting competition or a body building… until later


My third and fourth week back on my grind and I have to admit wow the difference are huge I can see more cuts and more strength I am actually taking this whose macro counting into real life and I real labels I meal prep and I add everything into my log! I can’t wait to see how far I can push this untill I begin to cut down back in January since now it’s all about reverse dieting I have to well not have too but I want to buy Layne notions book on reverse dieting. But it’s fifty bucks lol then again I am well was still not sure we’re I stand with building my car into a show car lol

“Don’t put the key to your happiness in someone else’s pocket.”


5:21 am.. stilling on my lunch at work before I leave. Man life’s a trip, It seemed like things were starting to look up. But now once agian I feel empty and I mean empty as crap.. I need my sister more than ever but I can’t rely on her much since she is a new single mother and I need and want to be their for her and baby max. I miss the feeling of having long conversations and getting to get to know one other to talk about whatever and feeling the warmth of a woman.. getting real tired of rubbing one out… I miss texting a woman good morning but to see her genuinely smile.. I mean I love to do it to those I’m close too but I mean more. I am ranting even tho I know i will remain single still for some time because I still don’t feel like I am ready to be in a Relationship because I can’t trust many girls after what all they tell me and opened up to me about all the cheating and flirting wow..

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